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How to use affiliates.

With Lystr affiliates you earn 25% recurring commission for the first 6 months and then 10% there after. This can be a great little money maker with very little work required, you just have to give your affiliate the link.

Step One-

To get started head over to your Lystr homepage and select "Affiliate" from the top bar.

Step Two -

Please insert your Bank Details into this page, this is where your commission will be paid to. Then set yourself an affiliates username, this will appear at the end of your affiliate link. 

Step Two -

Now click "affiliate" again and you will be taken to the proper affiliate page.

Step Three -

You will find your signup link under "Personal signup link".

Step Four -

Give your link to any potential affiliate you have. When they sign up for an account, they will appear on your affiliate page and you can keep track of what you are earning from each user.