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Re-circling products at the end of the month.

Step One-

The first step is to delete every listing off eBay. If you have less that 1000 listings, just delete the listings directly on eBay 200 at a time. If you have more than 1000 listings the easiest way to do this is through eBays file exchange, this is shown below. Firstly, go onto your Lystr account & download the “Price & Stock CSV”.

Step Two -

Once you have opened the file, you need to uncorrupt the “ItemID” column. To do this please highlight the column & then click the drop down menu which reads “General” & select "More Number Formats".

Step Three -  

Select "Number" from the side menu & change the "Decimal places" to 0.

Then select "Ok..

Step Four -

Now the ItemId is uncorrupted, please delete all columns except "Action" & "ItemID", so it looks like this -------->

Step Five - 

In column A, change "Revise" to 'End".

In column C, add a title called "*Endcode" & below it put "NotAvailable" as shown.

Step Six -

Now head over to the file exchange & upload the file, this will end all the listings.

Please check on eBay the listings have ended by going on your inventory page.

Step Seven -

Next you need to decide whether you want to relist the same items you had on, or to select brand new items from Amazon. We recommend keeping on any items you have sold & deleting the rest. If you are just going to relist the same items you already have on, please head over here.

If you are selecting new items you'll need to delete the products off your Lystr account. To do this head over to your inventory page. 

Step Eight -

Load up the page to show 100 products & start deleting. The "delete" button will fall into place so you will not have to move you mouse, just keep clicking until all are deleted.

Step Nine -

Once you have deleted all the products, you are reading to start finding new products. Please head over here to do this & follow the steps.