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Here at Lystr, we are the market leader when it comes to supporting our customers and helping them become a successful seller. This is why we scour Amazon for best sellers and add them to your account when you first get set up. This process is incredibly time consuming for us but we feel it is worth it to take some of the pressure off when you are starting out on your eBay journey, and give you the greatest chance of success. Lots of users have been asking us if we will continue to add the products to their account each month which is why we have introduced the PRODUCT HUNTER service to all our users.

In this service we will do all the hard work in finding hot products and add them to your account. Below is some screenshots of our earlier users sales who have been testing this service:

£78930 Oct.png
Screenshot 2020-05-06 at 09.27.21.png
£18000 Oct.png
£113,000 Lystr User.jpg
£78000 Oct.jpg
£38517 Nov.png

So how much does it cost?

Just 5p per ASIN. This is just a one off cost so you can keep that ASIN for as long as you like. 

You may wonder how helpful this can be or be sceptical we can actually help which is understandable. We have been drop shipping on eBay for the last 6 years, during that time we have built a number of eBay accounts and at our peak were doing over £1million in sales each year on eBay alone. 

If you would like us to add your products please head over to "Add-ons" on your Lystr account and order the number you would like -


 All products will be added within 24 hours Monday - Friday.