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How to do a price/stock update on your phone

Step One-

Head over to your Lystr account on your phone and head to your inventory page.

Step Two -

Click the middle button at the bottom (square with an arrow) and select "Add to home screen". This will save the direct link to this page to your home screen.

Step Three -

Now head over to eBays file exchange and then "upload files" and repeat the same step as before.

Step Four -

Your home screen will now have these two icons, one which goes direct to your inventory page, the other which goes direct to eBays file exchange.

Step Five -

Now to perform the file exchange, click the link which goes to your Lystr inventory page. Once here click the "Price/Stock CSV" button, this will download the update file.

Step Six -

Now head over to the file exchange using the link on your home screen. Click "choose file", then select "browse", you will then see the price/stock CSV file.

Click on it and the upload the file.

Step Seven -

This is now the price/stock update complete. We advise the first time you do this to check it is working on a computer after.