non-API Amazon to eBay drop-shipping.

From zero to a million

First of all, let me introduce myself and explain a little on how i got to the point of building Lystr.

Around six years ago whilst working a job that i didn't really like, i started looking into online businesses and how i could start my own. After some research, I decided on starting an eBay business. They already had the traffic and the tools to get started so all i needed to do was find some products to sell. I'd previously read about drop shipping, and how it enabled you to sell items without ever having to invest in any stock so i made this my focus. I found a supplier and listed some products for sale on eBay. Within the first week i'd sold my first item, a Kidde fire alarm for £19.99. I headed over to my suppliers website to order the item and it was out of stock. Not wanting to cancel the order, I searched the item on google and found that Amazon were selling them for £14.99. I ordered the item from Amazon and sent it directly to my customer, earning roughly £2.00 after fees. 

Excited by this discovery, i cross checked my other items and found that they were almost all cheaper on Amazon than they were on my suppliers website. I adjusted my prices and switched to using Amazon as my supplier. I found roughly 100 items i liked on amazon, listed them on eBay and adjusted the prices so that i would make roughly a 10% profit.

In my first week i sold £2800 worth of items. Week two i sold £3100 worth of items and by the end of the month i had sold £9800 worth of items. In total, i made £900 profit in my first month. It wasn't all straight forward though, early on i realised just how much Amazon's prices change and i had to update my listings daily to reflect this. It was time consuming, hard work but worth it. Over the coming months i continued to add more listings and i streamlined the process. As well as building various tools to automate the manual work. Fast forward a few years and i'd now left my day job and was running my eBay business which turned over in excess of £750,000 a year. 

Reluctant to keep the business model to myself i formed Lystr, which is the very site you're viewing right now.

About Lystr

Lystr is a non-API based amazon to eBay drop shipping tool which enables anybody to start their own eBay drop shipping business. Its completely free to start and we're here to help at every step of your journey. With Lystr, you can create, update, and monitor your eBay listings in bulk as well as access all of the information required to run your business successfully, it's a combination of every resource that i ever needed when i started my drop shipping business. 

How it works

So let me show you how it works. Below you'll see one of our users eBay listings. They're selling a Karcher K2 Pressure washer which is listed and monitored using Lystr. Lystr continuously checks the item to ensure that the item is always available on amazon at the correct price. If the amazon listing changes, so does our users eBay listing.

As you can see, they're selling them for £116.79, however, this item is only £89.00 on amazon so when they sell one they're making a gross profit of £27.79 on each unit. Times that by the 33 units sold and this item alone has made our user £917 in gross profit. Scale this up with thousands of different products and you could be running a very successful business. For inspiration, i've included below a few snapshots of some of our users results!


You can start using Lystr for free, however we do offer a service where we personally help you to get started. We'll help you create an eBay business account, a PayPal account, configure all of the settings as well as loading your Lystr account with our best selling items. You'll also have a dedicated account manager who will be there to help at every step of your business journey. This service is available on any new paid plan of £15.00/month and up. 

You can sign up for an account completely free below, or if you would like the above then please choose the £15/month plan.

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