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How to promote listings 

Step One-

To get started head over to your eBay and go to "My eBay".

Scroll down to selling tools and select "Manage your shop".

Step Two -

Select "Promotions Manager".

Step Three -

Now select "Promote your listings".

Step Four -

You will now be on your promote listings home page. Select "Create a new campaign".

Step Five -

Now click "Select listings in bulk".

Step Six -

Now select all listings and "Continue"

Step Seven -

Now tick "Apply same ad rate to all listings". You now need to decide what ad rate you want to set your promoted listings at, we would recommend somewhere from 2-3%, but it is up to you. Once you have decided this, select "Continue".

Step Eight -

Now agree to the terms of service and select "Launch".

Your listings are now promoted.