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How to cancel orders & not get defects.

Amazon price & stock levels are constantly changing. Unfortunately because of this there will be times where you have sold an item, but between selling & ordering the price has changed or it has gone out of stock. In most cases this will mean the order will need to be cancelled unless you can source from elsewhere. If you do need to cancel the order it is very important to do it correctly otherwise you will get a defect on your account.

Step One -

On the order you need to cancel, click the drop down menu next to "Print postage label" & then select "Cancel Order".

Step Two -

You will then be taken to cancellation page. For the cancellation reason, please select "The buyer asked to cancel the item(s) in the order".

If you put any other reason, you will get a defect.

Now "Submit" & the order will be cancelled.

Step Three -

Now you now need to send the buyer a message explaining why you cancelled the order, this is very important as otherwise you risk getting a negative feedback. There are a number of reasons you can give but we find blaming it on a software error is the most effective way & least likely to get you any negative feedback.

Step Four -

Please see an example of a message which can be sent to your customer.

Once sent, remember to end the listing on eBay.